Neuropsychological Evaluations:

This is a comprehensive assessment that examines an individual’s strengths and weaknesses to help identify effective strategies and supports to help students achieve their goals at school, home, and in the community. Areas assessed include intellectual abilities, executive functioning (such as attention, time management, organizational skills), learning and memory, visual-motor and visual spatial skills, social-emotional functioning, and adaptive skills. Academic (also known as achievement) testing is sometimes included in this assessment as needed. 

Educational Evaluations:

This is a focused evaluation that examines a student’s progress in the areas of reading, math, and written expression. When additional intellectual or neuropsychological testing is not needed/indicated, an educational evaluation can help develop a tailored treatment plan to foster academic success.

IQ/Gifted & Talented Evaluations:

This abbreviated assessment of intelligence (IQ) can be used for school admissions and/or to determine appropriate educational programming for advanced students.

Evaluations for School Admissions and/or Accommodations:

This type of evaluation can help students attain appropriate accommodations in the classroom (including college) and for standardized testing (SAT, ACT). Testing usually includes intelligence, executive functioning, and academic measures, and should be used in conjunction with input from your child’s school.  Please inquire for further details. 

*All evaluations include an intake interview, a day of assessment, a family feedback session, and a comprehensive report with test findings and individualized academic and therapeutic recommendations. 


Students are in the best position to thrive when they have access to a well-coordinated and collaborative team to support their efforts and goals across settings. In addition to the assessment process, Dr. Travers provides the following consultation services:

Participation in special education team meetings

Classroom observations

Follow-up family consultation 

Follow-up consultation with providers (schools, health care practitioners/pediatricians, therapists)

Future Services

Individual and Family Therapy for children and adolescents of MA (in-person; virtual) and RI (virtual)

Small Group Programs with a focus on mind-body wellness, including yoga

*Contact Dr. Travers if you would like to be included on a waiting list for these services.


For evaluations or testing, payment is due in full on the date of evaluation. The practice accepts check and electronic transfers (Zelle). For therapy and consultation, fees are billed monthly. The practice does not accept insurance directly. 

To help you plan for the evaluation, Dr. Travers will provide you with a cost estimate following the initial consultation (this is known as a “Good Faith Estimate”). Many families choose to seek reimbursement from their insurance company on their own after the evaluation. Insurance companies vary widely in the types of evaluations they cover, and families are encouraged to contact their insurance company prior to the evaluation to learn more about their reimbursement for “out of network” services. Following the assessment, Dr. Travers will provide an invoice that includes information needed for obtaining any available reimbursement from insurance.